We create value through luxury real estate investments

Investment strategy

GW’s target market for real estate investment opportunities are all major European capitals, with particular focus to Italy, UK, France and Spain. Investment into luxury residential properties are focused at London and in the French Riviera.

  • Focused investment strategy on high profile properties with high redevelopment potentials and super prime location.
  • Short to medium term investment with a straight forward exit strategy into a strong and liquid residential market.
  • Partnership with experienced investment manager and local operating partner.
  • Strong sourcing capabilities and low competition on the market.
  • Strong fundamentals of the target market which represents an attractive risk-adjusted alternative investment: the French Riviera and London market are wealthy and economically strong; limited supply of unique super luxury modern villas and apartments; buyer demand for the best product continues to be good.
  • Investment objective to provide its investors with a minimum 15% (after all fees and taxes on SPV level but before investors’ personal tax return) return on their investments.